ARC,is the research and planning expert of Chinese human settlements and living facilities, and the bottom designer of sustainable development of population and resources.

      ARC, founded in 1996, was founded by people from government and international market research institutions. Adhering to the concept of "user is market" and "change is value", arc adheres to the spirit of scientists and takes the research of users, the pursuit of change, the provision of decision-making and management strategies as its own responsibility. It provides life-cycle marketing management and third-party evaluation services in the fields of human settlements, business, tourism and public services.

 Beijing ARC china research Consulting Co., Ltd. (ARC) is registered in Beijing with a registered capital of 30 million yuan (RMB). The company has: residential real estate, business services, tourism fashion, public affairs and truth laboratory, consumer index center and other institutions. In cooperation with customers, it has: product R & D center, research machine intelligent platform. In Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Hefei, Shenyang and other workstations, branches.

      Pursue change and integrate conventions. The diverse and changing life is the source of all needs, and technology iteration and space-time aggregation accelerate the individualization of needs. Arc aims at accurate marketing, accurate decision-making of public affairs and improvement of service efficiency. With the purpose of meeting people's needs and aspirations for a better life, it uses professional and empirical user attitude, perception and behavior research data to provide customers with: market positioning and segmentation, product research and marketing, urban construction and planning, public management and decision-making, Customer maintenance and satisfaction enhancement, service standardization and implementation, testing and improvement, etc.

     ARC starts from customer needs, and carries out the whole process of empirical operation through scheme planning, field interview, in-depth interview, focus discussion, online data analysis, decision-making and action strategy analysis. Developed research and training, computer-aided interview, human settlement marketing management, owner satisfaction and service improvement, intelligent management of commercial property, cloud tourist data analysis and other software systems, and regional development, investment promotion, performance evaluation, business environment, civilized city, rural tourism, targeted poverty alleviation, ecological environment and other data service platforms, Provide continuous data analysis and action strategy consulting services.

      ARC is the executor of the ESOMAR standard of the World Association for market and opinion polls, and the licensing agency for foreign investigation of the National Bureau of statistics of China. Its service quality has passed the international ISO9001 certification and the AAA credit rating evaluation of the credit Working Committee of China Marketing Society. It has a number of research service software copyrights and technical patents, and has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification.


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