When providing research and consulting services to clients, arc implements the following international and domestic service standards:

   Measures of the people's Republic of China for the administration of foreign related research;

Icc-esomar International Chamber of Commerce / European Association for public opinion and Market Research - international guidelines on market and social research;

ICC / ESOMAR's international standards for market research, opinion polls, social research and data analysis;

MSPA general code of professional standards and ethical conduct;

Esomar-cmra China market research industry rules;

   GBT 26315-2010 market, public opinion and social survey terminology;

   GBT 26316-2010 market, public opinion and social survey service requirements;

   ESOMAR / grbn mobile survey guide;

The basic requirements of the agent company to undertake market research and implementation projects.

  Arc's customer preferred service principle:

  Our value lies in: providing effective basis for decision-making and management. Just like the scout and staff in war, all research and data analysis are the starting point to find the decisive opportunity and competition, and the basic point of data value is the maximization of user value. To this end, the following "five elements, one priority" for our service optimization principle.

  Five principles of customer elements:

  1. Customer first: enterprises, governments and organizations aim at the life needs and perceived value of users or service objects;

  2. Insight guidance: care about the attitude of the service object, the decision-making and management rely on the understanding of the attitude and behavior of users or the public, and the insight concept is leading;

  3. Authenticity and legality: good credit, honesty, reasonable demand, effective communication, fairness, no infringement on the interests of the state and citizens, no illegal requirements;

  4. Clear demand: respect the profession, understand the market, agree with arc concept and need arc service urgently;

  5. Standard management: the Department is perfect, the special person is responsible, and everything is decided by the leader.

  Priority service one priority:

Give priority to cooperation with organizations with clear strategic direction, keeping up with the pace of the times, having a sense of mission and cherishing arc professional resources.

  Arc will audit the customer competitive relationship before accepting the client's entrustment. Arc will provide comprehensive consulting service for those who are in line with arc's business scope. For those who do not meet the requirements, arc only provides general communication and does not participate in any competition with non professional organizations. If there is a serious threat of competition with class a customers, arc will implement competitive confidentiality management and do not provide project cooperation.

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